Art is a reflection of society, the way we and the artists see the world. We strive to share our creative expertise and passion for art, to bring about a seamless integration between business and the flourishing art world.

Our art consulting enables our clients to meet their artistic needs. We believe in enriching the environment for our clients; building a platform to endorse art both locally and internationally, offering professional opportunities for emerging and established artists.

Art is important for the growth and nurture of any society and civilization, art moved walls and helped create great accomplishments throughout history, and we are glad to be a part of it.

While there is a niche interest in art, there is no doubt of the increasing attention towards art locally and internationally, and the past few years helped demonstrate that with the rise of Middle Eastern artists and the various mediums that support them, along with museums, Art Fairs and numerous enthusiastic galleries in the region. Our existence is dedicated to this cause by increasing interest in understanding, appreciating and collecting art, helping you realize an environment enhanced with beauty through art, its genius and inspiration.

Art is a great investment, and has throughout the centuries reflected its solid status in various economic situations, increasing in value through time and becoming a solid class asset. Private collectors began acquiring art pieces and building collections all through history, setting an example for current private and commercial entities to follow suite, such as corporations, banks, firms and governments worldwide.

Progress Art provides a complete and unique range of services in art consultancy, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia. We consult and curate art collections for corporations and private collectors in Saudi Arabia and abroad. We pride ourselves in the exclusive services we provide through the expertise of our founder and team, including a vast network of connections with artists, galleries and art fairs worldwide, particularly in the Middle East, Europe, United States of America and Asia, which gives us an expansive and great access to art on a global scale.

We live art, and want you to live it too.

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